In today's Summer Break segment, Scott & Christian discuss a story shared by Franz Boas in a 1917 book, "Folk-tales of Salishan and Sahaptin tribes" wherein 2 girls are said to have been kidnapped by Giants, where they were taken care of for 4 years before making their escape in an attempt to return to their people. Is this a cautionary folk tale passed down by the tribes to keep children safe? Or is this an actual event that details a possible kidnapping by sasquatch before the creature was commonly known as the bigfoot we know and love today? Be sure to stop by our YouTube channel by visiting the link below to see our video on The Lytton Girls!<br><br>

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If you're new to the show, welcome to TFD Summer Break! Season 1 has ended, and while the gang recharges their batteries, and gears up for Season 2 of The Freaky Deaky later this Fall, we'll be releasing shorter weekly episodes across all your favorite pod catchers. It's gonna be a good time. Special Guests, Guest Hosts, Heather will debut some True Crime, and we'll also be uploading video shorts, and behind the scenes footage on our YouTube Channel & TikTok Page, so make sure you're following along across our social media pages! <br><br>

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