Eighteen year old Bonnie Craig was a young college freshman attending the University of Alaska Anchorage. Before dawn on the morning of September 28, 1994, she left her home for school. This was a normal routine for Bonnie. Twice a week in the dark early morning she’d catch a bus to the campus. She was a diligent student who prided herself on arriving promptly for her 7am English class. However that day, she never arrived.


Welcome to Episode 1 of TFD: True Crime in the 49 w/ Heather & China. In today's Summer Break Teaser, Heather will be touching on the tragic case of Bonnie Craig from Anchorage, Alaska. Starting in October, on the last Tuesday of every month, we'll be dropping a new episode of TFD: True Crime in the 49. All fans of the True Crime genre rejoice! These episodes will be dropping in addition to our regularly scheduled episodes of The Freaky Deaky every Thursday. 


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